What’s Wrong with Me? - The New Yorker

What’s Wrong with Me? - The New Yorker

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I had an autoimmune disease. Then the disease had me.

2016-06-01 06:23:24

Super weird that this is at the top of my Pocket when I'm having autoimmune tests huh

2016-06-01 06:56:16

God, I can identify with so much of this xx

2016-06-01 07:08:51

I thought of you when I was reading it

2016-06-01 13:06:14

I've passed it onto a few people who have also really get it too. Don't often read something that candid about it all x

2016-06-01 14:12:57

oh im glad it was good to read

2016-06-21 17:24:21

Don't you feel like she was writing about you?

2016-06-21 17:41:25

YES. I have struggled to not make my illness my identity. It's hard.

2016-06-21 17:44:09

Same. It is VERY hard indeed. I just refuse to have that be my identity.

2016-06-21 17:46:18

I had to have a hard talk with myself last week because I was doing just that.

2016-06-21 17:48:03

As with the disease, it comes in waves, right? It can be depressing.

2016-06-21 17:54:42

Yes, exactly. I had a fantastic day Saturday - and have spent the last 3 days recovering. It stinks.

2016-06-21 18:36:04

It is a great article. I have Hashimoto (as do both parents), but with 'low normal' thyroid levels, my Dr. won't treat me.

2016-06-21 18:37:42

The last 6 months have been tough for me - fatigue, brain fog, joint aches, froggy throat. Auto immune is so fun.

2016-06-21 19:07:36

The brain fog is so scary. I noticed I've made a lot of errors at work.

2016-06-26 00:13:02

:( Yep! I've had this bookmarked now for a couple of years since being diagnosed and still read it every once in a while

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