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It is impossible to make gun terrorism impossible. But it is easy to make gun terrorism hard.

2016-06-14 23:32:06

Absolutely ridiculous and silly reaction. Again, blaming the tool isn't going to address the real issue, Islamic terrorism.

2016-06-14 23:37:56

so if we eliminate Islamic terrorism then we eliminate mass shootings in America?

2016-06-14 23:41:53


2016-06-14 23:42:27

A step in the right direction, yes. Before sacrificing our own rights. Boo hoo for Islam.

2016-06-14 23:44:30

so if it's only, "a step in the right direction" then you acknowledge it's only part of a larger problem, right?

2016-06-14 23:48:10

And France, too...lest it conveniently slipped your ultra-left biased minds.

2016-06-14 23:51:23

A much larger problem, yes. Islamic hatred of the west, that is. What's next, ban pressure cookers?

2016-06-14 23:52:48

Or..... Why do we let terrorists in America?

2016-06-14 23:53:57

Fine. If there was no more Islam in the world would there still be mass shootings in America?

2016-06-14 23:54:37

also why do you think the Orlando shooter bought semi-automatic guns instead of a pressure cooker?

2016-06-14 23:56:57

Why are weapons designed for the battlefield designed to kill unarmored civilians? We do war the wrong way.

2016-06-14 23:57:28


2016-06-15 00:05:50

there's a good chance the incompetent fbi is to blame

2016-06-15 00:06:30

Not trying to be a dick. Islamic terrorism is a problem but so is our refusal to rethink some of our gun laws.

2016-06-15 00:10:10

2nd Amendment and a long history of---and fascination with---intramural violence. Also, paranoia about possible tyrannical gov.

2016-06-15 00:14:02

why is it USA still producing selling and trading frield guns?

2016-06-15 00:17:19

Because we still have far too many benighted jagoffs living all over this great land of ours.

2016-06-15 02:37:58

Blackmarket that is how, and Its not guns, its people. Guns are for food, protection, and war. Thosewhomisusearethereason for it

2016-06-15 11:10:54

We are not a modern society, we are second world in health, guns and defiantly anti intelligence in politics.

2016-06-15 11:11:16


2016-06-15 11:11:35

Australia has done well reducing 90% of gun violence, but the GOP/NRA money machine doesn't care about public safety.

2016-06-15 11:13:31

Very appropriate thought to ACT on !

2016-06-15 11:17:28

Everybody talks about the need for "common sense gun laws" but no one actually lays out the incorporation of such.

2016-06-15 11:19:27

"rare and difficult" as a suppression protocol instead of character driven learned behavior, misses the mark.

2016-06-15 11:21:39

Behavior has to be modified on a global scale. Chemical therapy could get rid of the animal/violence attributes.

2016-06-15 15:39:52

still my very favorite writer, ps.

2016-06-15 16:20:05

Senator Chris Murphy, Democrat from CT has launched a #filibuster in the Senate to advocate for gun reform. … #Enough

2016-06-15 17:01:35

Always a brilliant writer, on any topic, but this is essential reading. Thanks for this.

2016-06-15 17:41:14

Outstanding from Gopnik. The fundamental indefensibility of the pro-gun position distills to either lunacy or corruption.

2016-06-15 19:22:55

....well, it's already easy and common.......

2016-06-15 19:45:42

I think we are too late for gun control efforts. Too many already out there.

2016-06-15 19:47:52

Guns are a form of capital for people who are shut out of the banking system. Include them first.

2016-06-15 20:06:10

Ban assault weapons, not antique collections.

2016-06-16 03:54:24

False nomenclature. Poptart gun has a 2D cutout too. It's a semi auto

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